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The Stand Miniseries Let Stephen King Correct A Major Regret
Stephen King’s epic 1,153-page novel “The Stand” is set in the post-apocalypse U.S., where a potent virus wipes out most of humanity and those who remain partaking in the eternal struggle between good and evil. The story has been altered several times, including by the author himself in the recent 2020 Paramount+ TV miniseries adaptation, where he changed the ending.
King’s original novel concludes when several “good” characters escape a nuclear explosion that wipes out the “evil” characters, leaving Stu and Frannie to discuss the morally unstable nature of humankind. Frannie responds with “I don’t know,” an answer King revealed came from his inability to write anything that didn’t sound corny or preachy and felt the story should end without a moral.
“I was able to bring things back around. I've had an idea for that final episode that I always kind of regretted not writing it in the book — the book's long enough as it is,” said King. In the final episode "The Circle Closes," Frannie now gives new final words for the story’s conclusion: “The wheel turns, the struggle continues, and the command is always the same. Be true. Stand.”