BOB'S BURGERS: Join the Belcher family for Season Five of the Emmy Award winning BOB'S BURGERS  Sundays on FOX. (Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)
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The Simpsons will Cross Over with Bob's Burgers for a Halloween Special
Adult animation fans will finally get the crossover they’ve been dreaming about as John Roberts, the voice of Linda Belcher, reveals that the character’s from “Bob’s Burgers” will be featured in the upcoming “The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXXIII.” The episode will mark the first-ever crossover event for the two popular series.
While “Bob’s Burgers” has had its share of spooky holiday specials, “The Simpsons” have set a high bar, with a few of the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes representing some of the best and most memorable moments in the series. And now, Season 34 of “The Simpsons” is shaking things up by releasing two Halloween specials, debuting on October 23, 2022, and October 30, 2022.
The first episode, “Not It,” is a spoof of Stephen King’s “It,” starring Krusty the Clown as Pennywise; the official “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” that will be released a week later is said to be parodying “Death Note,” “Westworld,” and “The Babadook.” There have been no details regarding how the crossover will take shape, so fans will just have to tune in to find out.