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The Scrapped Sequel To
Star Trek: Nemesis Could Have Been Something Special
For many Trekkies, "Star Trek: Nemesis" was a disappointing film, and by that point, many fans and even the actors were suffering from franchise fatigue. However, Brent Spiner once revealed that he and “Nemesis” co-writer John Logan had actually been developing a fifth “Next Generation” film, and the premise seemed promising.
Spiner and Logan envisioned a kind of “Justice League of ‘Star Trek.’” He explained that it would be “something [that] would bring all the great 'Star Trek' villains together, from Khan to Shinzon, and Picard is the only person who could stop them and he actually has to go through time and pluck out the people he needs to help him.”
Spiner acknowledged that the logistics of gathering the characters from every “Trek” era and the cost of trying to do so would’ve been a challenge. While his idea never came to fruition, fans were at least able to get the action, emotion, and strong storylines with returning characters that “Nemesis” lacked in the “Star Trek: Picard” series.