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The Sandman: Ranking The Endless Siblings From Least To Most Powerful
7. Delirium
The damaged kid sister of the Endless was once known as Delight, but due to mysterious circumstances, she transformed into the whimsical but strange Delirium. She does have moments of wisdom, but these often go unnoticed by her siblings, as she usually tends to ramble about things like telephone-flavored ice cream.
6. Destiny
Depicted as an elderly blind man chained to the book of fate, Destiny is the eldest of the Endless, and he does little more than observe the past, present and future. This solemn figure comes across as dull compared to his siblings, as his only power seems to be in relation to his book and he has yet to display any other abilities.
5. Despair
The twin sister of Desire, Despair appears as a heavy-set naked woman, wearing only a hooked ring that she uses to rip at her flesh. Though her power comes from the almost infinite well of people’s desperation, this often leads her to fall into a deep depression, and she becomes unable to do anything but wallow in sadness.
4. Destruction
Destruction is the big, burly brother of the Endless, who abandoned his realm after human technology gave rise to incredible potential for destruction, an amount of power that he doesn't want. His hesitancy to embrace his power has made Destruction less dominant among the Endless, as he’s more interested in finding beauty in the world.
3. Desire
Often acting as a sort of villain, Desire often conspires with their twin sister Despair, believing that the two of them should be more powerful than Dream, with hopes of dethroning him and taking his realm. This character represents all types of desire, including sex, power, wealth, and more, making them a seriously powerful force.