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The Sandman: A Guide To Every Member Of That
Giant Cast
Dream is one of the Endless — powerful immortal beings that are the personifications of concepts — and is the protagonist of “Sandman,” who must rebuild his realm after being captured by sorcerers. Tom Sturridge plays Dream, who fans might recognize as Eamonn from “Irma Vep,” Jake from “Sweetbitter,” or Jon Dondon in “Velvet Buzzsaw.”
Like her brother, Dream, Death is one of the Endless who appears as a goth girl with a heart of gold and a sharp sense of humor, who gently helps the recently deceased process their passing. Death’s actress, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, has played other roles fans might be familiar with: Simone from “The Good Place” and Anita Darling from “Cruella.”
Lucifer in “The Sandman” — initially inspired by David Bowie — appears as an androgynous angelic being who rules Hell and is the same fallen angel cast out by the Christian God. Gwendoline Christie plays the character and is known for her role as Brienne of Tarth on “Game of Thrones” and Captain Phasma in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy.
Roderick Burgess
Lord Magus of the Order of Ancient Mysteries, Roderick Burgess, is the leader of the sorcerers who captured and imprisoned Dream while attempting to capture Death to bargain for immortality. The character is played by Charles Dance, whom fans will remember as Tywin Lannister on “Game of Thrones,” in addition to over 150 other roles.
Appearing as a thin, bookish man with pointed ears and rounded spectacles, Lucien is the Dreaming’s dedicated librarian and one of Dream’s closest friends and supporters. The Netflix adaptation swapped the gender of this character, and Lucien became Lucienne, played by Vivienne Acheampong, who also starred in the Netflix series “The One.”