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The Saddest Moments In Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi, Ranked
6. Ahsoka at Padmé’s funeral
A disguised Ahsoka takes a great risk to attend the funeral of Padmé Amidala in “Resolve.” Padmé’s funeral cements Ahsoka’s feelings of helplessness against the rise of the Empire, but the magnitude of Padmé’s death is only truly felt by viewers who know the extent of the two’s friendship, putting this moment at the bottom of our list.
5. Ahsoka faces her fate
Like the funeral, this moment relies on prior knowledge to understand the gravity of the situation in “Practice Makes Perfect.” The episode reveals Anakin’s intense training exercise for Ahsoka and the bonds she forms with the clone troopers testing her skills — lessons that would help her survive Order 66 as she faced off against her clone friends.
4. The Jedi funeral
In “Choices,” Dooku and Mace Windu investigate Jedi Master Katri’s killing, leading to Dooku’s actions resulting in a senator’s death and his growing cynicism about the Jedi Order and its mission. While the audience never getting to know Master Katri weakens the moment, the funeral symbolizes Dooku’s soul being buried and his festering skepticism.
3. Dooku and change
“Justice” is set on a poor planetary village neglected by its corrupt senator, and while Qui-Gon’s actions prevent a worst-case scenario, nothing for the village feels resolved by the end. While this episode doesn’t compete with Dooku’s more profound sorrow of “The Sith Lord,” the viewer can see his doubts grow as he questions if a change will happen.
2. Ahsoka’s departure
After Ahsoka is announced to be a Jedi, Ahsoka’s mother and father’s expressions change, knowing they may never see their daughter again if she’s recruited. “Life and Death” doesn’t require extensive knowledge to understand the life Ahsoka left behind, and her off-screen departure raises discomforting questions about the tribe’s fate and thoughts.