CANADA - APRIL 03: Don Bluth (Photo by Boris Spremo/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
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The Recurring Theme That Appears In Every Single Don Bluth Movie
Don Bluth has churned out some daring, dark, and whimsical animated classics like "The Secret of NIMH," "An American Tail," and "The Land Before Time.” Unfortunately, Disney's animation renaissance overcame many of its competitors, including Bluth, and his underrated sci-fi adventure "Titan A.E." marked the end of his career.
Looking back at Bluth's body of work, its diversity of style, subject matter, and even target audiences are astounding, but the director says a common theme unites all his works. "Every movie that I've ever made, if you look at it closely, is about going home," Bluth says. "Those are thematic things that seem to push their way inevitably into all my movies."
“Home isn't necessarily the soil that you walk on, but where your spirit can breathe,” Bluth adds. "All Dogs Go to Heaven," "Anastasia," and "The Secret of NIMH" feature characters who undergo perilous journeys in the hopes of finding a place they can call home; the search for the Great Valley in "Land Before Time" may be Bluth's most famous example.