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The Proper Reading Order For Dune
If you've been thinking about reading "Dune" — especially before Villeneuve's sequel arrives next year — you might see that finding the proper reading order is a perplexing ordeal of sorts. For a full list of the proper reading order click the ‘Read Full Story’ link.
The first novel “Dune” introduces the readers to Paul Atreides as his family moves to Arrakis, home of the Fremen, colossal sandworms, and the only planet in the universe that produces spice, a life-enhancing substance necessary for interstellar travel. Through prophecy and political warfare, Paul emerges as a religious icon.
Dune: Messiah
Set twelve years after the first novel and his ascension to Emperor of the universe, Paul struggles with the ever-looming fear that his rule will ignite a holy war, as his previous visions have shown. He sets out on a journey to prevent the future he has seen, and through it, the author explores whether one person should have all that power.
Children of Dune
Paul’s twin children, who have inherited their father's ability of “prescient” visions, must fend off their corrupted aunt, Alia, nine years after the previous book's events. Leto II and Ghanima must also contend with the Bene Gesserit, who seek to control the spice and a coup plot by House Corrino in this lengthy but essential installment.
God Emperor of Dune
Several thousand years have passed as the story continues in “God Emperor of Dune” and follows Leto II, who has become a nearly-immortal being after merging with a sandworm. While his relatives seek to dethrone him, Leto II works toward preventing humanity’s extinction.
Heretics of Dune
The story jumps into the future again and continues 1,500 years after “God Emperor of Dune,” where the Known Universe has descended into chaos. The Bene Gesserit now hold the future in their hands while a young girl who can control the sandworms is prophesized to restore the empire to glory.