Crimes of the Future, 2022
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The Priciest Horror Flops In Movie History
Many of filmmaker Uwe Boll’s projects have been flops, but none quite compare to 2005’s “BloodRayne,” which only made $3.6 million globally against its $25 million budget.
After promising the film would be shown in 2,000 theaters, co-star Billy Zane’s new distribution company only delivered it to 985 screens, some of which never screened the movie.
Crimes of the Future
David Cronenberg’s 2022 “Crimes of the Future” explores the filmmaker’s commonly explored themes of body modification and the horrors of technological innovation.
Although the film was well-received by critics, it failed to draw in an audience and took home a mere $4.5 million globally on a reportedly $27 million budget.
A Cure for Wellness
After a young stockbroker is sent to retrieve his boss from a wellness center in the Alps, he finds the place is not quite as it appears — and nearly impossible to leave.
Despite the 2016 film’s interesting premise, Gore Verbinski’s somewhat expensive horror movie brought in $26 million globally on a $40 million budget.
Event Horizon
“Event Horizon” follows Captain Miller, his team, and the creator of the titular ship, William Weir, as they investigate the vessel after its mysterious disappearance and return.
While the sci-fi horror movie would later become a cult classic, it failed to reach its $40 million price tag when it was released, making $26 million at the domestic box office.
Horror remakes tend to be poorly received, such as the case of 1998’s remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” which grossed $37 million globally on a $60 million budget.
Despite the film having fans of its experimental ​​style, its biggest criticisms came from its casting and being an almost shot-for-shot recreation of the original “Psycho.”