The Predator Scene That Inspired Prey Wasn't Even In The Original Movie
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Among the many memorable moments in "Predator" is the titular alien hunter's showdown with the Native American tracker Billy Sole (Sonny Landham). In an effort to give the rest of his team time to escape, Billy stays behind to confront the Predator atop a fallen tree trunk hanging over a deep ravine.
This ... does not end well for Billy, his piercing scream ringing in the air as he's slain off-screen. Yet, it would take 35 years for another "Predator" film to realize the true potential of this scene — a Native American character going head-to-head with a vicious creature from another world, itself an apt metaphor for a colonizer invading their homeland.
"10 Cloverfield Lane" director Dan Trachtenberg had always been fascinated by this scene, and the curiosity of what went down in that offscreen battle would ultimately become the genesis for "Prey." The movie will also break new ground by being available to watch in both English and the Comanche language.