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The Origin Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Wade Boggs Episode
Almost no one can put away drinks like the debaucherous gang from “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” but legendary baseball player Wade Boggs would give them a run for their money. In the Season 10 premiere, the dive bar owners hop on a cross-country flight to eclipse Boggs' disputed record of drinking 70 beers in transit, and the episode's origins are fascinating.
“Always Sunny” star Charlie Day said on The Tonight Show, “[Boggs] was famous for baseball, he was also famous for the amount of beer he could drink. [...] They would have these cross-country flights, he would drink on average 40 to 50, some say 70 beers. So our characters are trying to break that record in the episode … and then see if we can hit a baseball the next day.”
It seems like an impossible feat, even more so when Boggs told Day the actual number was 107 but revealed that not all of the beers were consumed on the airplane. Day explained, “[Boggs] would come to the airport about 12 deep and then he'd be on the plane just firing 'em back, and then they'd have the layover, then they get there, and then they would go out that night.”
Day said that the “Always Sunny” creators were tentative to reach out to Boggs because they were unsure if he would like the episode’s premise and, if he didn't, they would have to scrap it entirely. Fortunately, Boggs liked the idea, as Day added, “He was like, ‘I'll do it.’” Boggs makes a cameo in the memorable episode as a hallucination to help Charlie win the competition.