English actor Tom Baker takes over as the fourth Doctor in the BBC science fiction television series 'Doctor Who', UK, 16th December 1974.  (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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The New Doctor Who Logo Is A Callback
To The
Tom Baker
The upcoming season of “Doctor Who” on Disney+, will feature the return of showrunner Russell T. Davies and the unveiling of the Fifteenth Doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa. The show has also released a new logo, but given the fact that it’s a throwback logo to the Tom Baker era, has invited fan speculation.
The new logo looks extremely similar to the one that covered a lot of the most popular pre-Doctor renaissance eras when Tom Baker played the Fourth Doctor from 1947- 1981. This has sparked speculation over whether or not the forthcoming season will pay homage to the Baker-era and how overt that homage might be.
Even if it's just to celebrate the brief return of the beloved Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) or the return of famed showrunner Davies who created the “Doctor Who” renaissance in the first place, it's a really cool design. Only time (all pun intended) will tell, but it gives fans a lot to speculate on until the 60th anniversary special premieres in 2023.