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The New DC Universe Slate Is Weird As Heck, And That's For The Best
If their newly announced DC Universe slate is any indication, co-CEOs and co-heads, James Gunn and Peter Safran, seem eager to explore the weirder side of the esteemed comic property with upcoming titles. That's why a "Swamp Thing" feature film, a movie about the anti-hero team The Authority, and an animated series focusing on the Creature Commandos is in development.
Even legacy characters are getting a new spin, with Green Lantern Corps members Hal Jordan and John Stewart getting a "True Detective"-styled show called "Lanterns" and Wonder Woman receiving a prequel series called "Paradise Lost." It would be easy to write off these projects as being too strange for general audiences, but that might not be the case.
Post-"Endgame," Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting repetitive and predictable; however, the new titles being produced for DC seem to be homing in on how strange, weird, and unpredictable comic books can be. It could be a good thing for DC Studios, as it gives the DC Universe a chance to distinguish itself from its Marvel counterpart.