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The Most Powerful Horror Villains Of 2022 Ranked
8. Michael Myers
With his sheer brute strength, the popular Boogeyman can boast a body count of at least 160 across the “Halloween” franchise, but in 2022’s “Halloween Ends,” he only kills three people. For all his power, Myers is still just a man with supernatural qualities, which ranks him slightly lower on this countdown.
7. The Mother
The Mother in “Barbarian” is easily one of the scariest horror villains out there, with her great strength and her biggest asset: the element of surprise. Using the tunnels with plenty of nooks and crannies in which to hide, she is notorious for expressing her pain and anger in the form of grisly violence.
6. Leatherface
The unstoppable killing machine got a reboot in 2022’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and his killing spree continues to be as gruesome as ever. With his mindless, primal strength, Leatherface easily has the advantage against some of the other villains on this list in hand-to-hand combat (Predator excluded).
5. The Smile Entity
In "Smile," The Entity preys on mental illness, jumping from person to person and drawing them into a vicious cycle of death; it can change its skin and take the form of someone its victims know. As a powerhouse of evil, The Entity is the kind of terror audiences just hope and pray they never come across.
4. Ethan
Ethan in “Run Sweetheart Run” is an angel-turned-demon, which alone makes him the scariest horror villain on the list, so far. He can take the form of anyone he wants and can lure his victims with his charms; he's certainly a formidable foe — a slimy, venomous snake hellbent on destruction and keeping men in power.