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The Most Powerful Characters In The Boys Ranked
15. The Deep
One would assume that as a member of The Seven, and a right-hand lackey to Homelander, The Deep would be in a good position, but his unimpressive powers and insecurities largely work against him. Despite his weaknesses, he's still got a seat at the table, and both the motive and opportunity to do some serious damage.
14. Mesmer
Mesmer, played by Haley Joel Osment, is just a washed up Supe celebrity who occasionally performs some nifty mind control tricks. He is weak, unfortunately even by human standards, and eventually gets beaten to death by Butcher — a former military intelligence officer.
13. Kimiko
Kimiko didn't choose the superhero life and wants out, making her one of the few good ones, even if she doesn't think so. While Kimiko is absolutely vicious with incredible strength, animalistic combat style, and healing powers, she’s a deeply conflicted and tragic figure with little hope for a happy ending.
12. Ryan Butcher
While Ryan Butcher's true nature is yet to be revealed, one can expect sheer chaos if he even turns out remotely like his father, Homelander. Having inherited most of his father’s extreme gifts does make Ryan a powerful character in the series — even moreso if he actually begins learning about them himself.
11. Cindy
Cindy could end up being one of the most powerful Supes if she ever reemerges — she was last seen hitchhiking on the highway after miraculously surviving her fight with Stormfront. If she reappears and gets into a fight again, maybe only Homelander will be able to endure the crushing power of her shattered mind.