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The Most Heartbreaking Moments From The Last Of Us Season 1
15. Ellie Sees A Plane
Joel and Ellie stumble upon a crashed airplane, and Ellie is amazed by the sight. This moment highlights the stark contrast between life before and after the apocalypse, and it's hard not to empathize with Ellie, who is unable to experience the things that most people take for granted like flying in their daily lives.
14. Children's Death
In Episode 1, Joel's daughter dies, and later he dumps the corpse of an infected child, killed by FEDRA, into flames with a blank expression on his face. The audience witnesses the gruesome deaths of two innocent children within the first thirty minutes, yet this is only a glimpse of the tragedy to come.
13. Kathleen's Death
Kathleen is so consumed with revenge that she ignores serious dangers and continues to pursue Henry, the young man responsible for her brother's death, which ultimately leads to her own demise. Despite her flaws, Kathleen leads several people to salvation and even ransacks a FEDRA compound, and she deserves a better ending.
12. Ratna Loses Hope
When Professor Ibu Ratna examines the corpse of a woman infected with Cordyceps fungus, she explains that bombing the entire city is the only way to save others. Her tearful request to be driven home to spend time with her family hits hard and speaks to the larger narrative about protecting loved ones until the bitter end.
11. Joel KILLs Bryan
During an intense fight, Joel kills Bryan, an attacker who pleads for his life and implores them to take him to his mother. While the show effectively humanizes faceless factions as scared people trying to survive and makes every death feel significant, Bryan's death sends a chill down viewers' spines because of his pleas for mercy.