The Most Expensive Sci-Fi Flops In History
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The Adventures of Pluto Nash
A sci-fi comedy starring Eddie Murphy, wasn't quite that costly but it still had a sizable $100 million budget. Unfortunately, "Pluto Nash" came nowhere close to being profitable and instead, was a legendary box office flop that grossed only $7 million worldwide.
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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
This computer-animated sci-fi action film was set to be a potentially groundbreaking title for the domain of ultra-realistic computer graphics in cinematic narratives. The film cost $137 million to produce, but only grossed $85.1 million worldwide and did not meet those lofty pre-release expectations.
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"Stealth" was inarguably the biggest killer jet movie and one of the biggest flops of summer 2005. Despite being one of Jamie Foxx's first appearances following his Oscar victory for "Ray," "Stealth" failed to live up to expectations, earning only $76.4 million globally on a $138 million budget.
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Fantastic Four
The 2015 reboot was intended to revive the "Fantastic Four" brand in style as a gritty adaptation; however, one of the factors that killed this movie was that director Josh Trank publicly disowned it just hours before it opened. 20th Century Fox would lose between $80 and $100 million due to the abysmal $167.8 global box office.
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Dark Phoenix
Some franchises try to go out with a bang and leave a mark on pop culture, “Dark Phoenix” was not one of those films. Even with a $200 million budget and it being part of a massive franchise, it only earned $246.3 million globally and is the second-lowest grossing film in the history of the franchise.
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