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The Most Brutal Moments In Saving Private Ryan
Boat massacre
“Saving Private Ryan” kicks off with the Normandy Invasion on June 6, 1944, in one of film history’s most shocking opening sequences. After the prologue, the camera cuts to soldiers huddled in a Higgins boat as bombs and gunfire are heard in the distance; a massacre soon follows as the transport lands and lowers its ramp to a hail of bullets.
The beach
Storming the beach proves to be no less of a bloodbath as Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) struggles to survive the invasion. Explosions cause disorientation, and many soldiers around Miller are killed or maimed in a gruesome, gut-wrenching sequence whose violence feels more like something out of a horror film.
D-Day Head Shots
The violence continues even after Miller and Sergeant Mike Horvath (Tom Sizemore) manage to lead their men off the beach and under the German bunkers. What follows is a series of gory shots to the head, which include a radioman having his face blown off and another soldier shot in the back of the head after removing his helmet.
Crying kid
Further proving that war is hell, the film returns to the beach and shows some of the other soldiers still remaining there. One unnamed soldier covered in blood lays on his back and holds his exposed entrails while crying out for his mother — a moment that effectively reminds the viewers that many of those fighting were mere boys.
Caparzo's death
After leaping into the main plot, Miller and his group encounter a French family trying to escape the violence, and Caparzo (Vin Diesel) promises to take the daughter to the next village as it’s “the decent thing to do.” Unfortunately, a bullet from a sniper hits him, leaving the soldier dying in the street as he clutches a letter to his father.