SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 04: Amber Midthunder attends the Prey Beyond Fest screening at Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, California on August 04, 2022. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
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The Most Brutal Moments In Prey, Ranked
11. The bison Field
Brutality is defined as "savage physical violence" or "great cruelty." Given that, the haunting sequence in which Naru and her dog stumble upon a field of slaughtered and skinned bison while hunting for the Predator qualifies as brutal, even if the violence occurs off-screen. What’s chilling is that the director lets the after-effects of carnage linger on-screen.
10. Taabe for bait
Another undeniably brutal moment occurs when Naru is forced to watch the dehumanization of her brother, Taabe, by the Frenchmen — who plan to use Naru and Taabe as bait. While Naru watches in pain, the French mercilessly draw a blade across Taabe’s chest, releasing a river of blood while howls leave his throat.
9. The circle of life
One of the most brutal shots in "Prey" shows us exactly what the Predator's aims will be, as we see an ant being munched by a shrew which is then swallowed whole by a rattlesnake that ultimately gets gored by the Predator's blades. That’s the moment we know that the Predator wants to hunt its way up the food chain.
8. Predator and bear
This particular scene doesn’t only rank high in brutality but also makes "Prey" better than at least three of the “Predator” movies. When the Predator cuts the limping bear's stomach open after crushing its skull and hoists it in the air, only for the bear's blood to spill out onto the Predator, it reveals him fully for the first time.
7. Naru's attacked
One of the most terrible moments, in terms of brutality, occurs amidst the scene between Wasape, the leader of the Comanche hunting party, and Naru, when he attacks her after trying to drag her home. Dan Trachtenberg stages the stomach-churning violence in such a way that it feels like years’ worth of tension hitting a breaking point.