NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 02:  Actor Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski attend the Build series at Build Studio on February 2, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Bennett Raglin/WireImage)
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The Moment John Wick's Director Realized They Made A Great Movie
The Keanu Reeves-led “John Wick” franchise has had three successful movies, and another sequel and a prequel television series are on their way. However, there was a lot of uncertainty before the first movie came out, and co-director Chad Stahelski shared the moment when he felt that the movie could possibly be a hit at the 2022 Comic-Con.
During the Directors on Directing panel, Stahelski was asked to pick the biggest "pinch-me moment" of his career. The director picked the moment he and Keanu Reeves snuck into a screening of the first “John Wick” movie at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, and heard the audience’s clapping when the movie ended.
Stahelski shared that at first, he didn’t know what the audience was reacting to. He said, “I was like, 'Holy s***, they're clapping.' And we didn't know why [laughs]. We really didn't. And then all of a sudden they started clapping and we were like, 'Oh f***, they're clapping about the movie.' That was pretty cool."