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The Mist’s Wildest Sequence Required Chaos on the Set [Exclusive]
In honor of the 15-year anniversary of “The Mist,” /Film's Eric Vespe spoke with writer-director Frank Darabont and star Nathan Gamble about the scene in which all hell broke loose. The complex night shoot required many special effects to create large locust-like insects and a flying prehistoric-looking beast that bites chunks of flesh off of unsuspecting survivors.
Referring to the shoot as "a week of this madness," Darabont explained, "Instead of looking at the storyboards, I was just making it up as I went along." Gamble added that during the scene when he evaded the “dinosaur-ass-looking thing that is stomping its way towards [him]” he "banged off of the sections of the aisle" and hit his head on the ground hard enough to bruise.
Darabont admits that for all the chaos that came with the film’s tight schedule, he still looks back fondly on the night-time attack shoot. He told /Film, "As much as it was incredibly exhausting and stressful because you're shooting a movie in half the schedule you've ever shot a movie on [...] Man, I had fun."