HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 16:  Actor Ahmed Best attends the premiere of Disney's "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" on December 16, 2019 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/FilmMagic)
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The Mandalorian Gives Ahmed Best The Redemption Arc He Deserves
Despite the “Star Wars” franchise bringing joy and creativity to pop culture, there is a layer of bullying and harassment toward some of the actors involved. Ahmed Best received severe backlash for his role as Jar Jar Binks, even causing the actor to contemplate suicide; however, Best has returned as Jedi master Kelleran Beq and has appeared in “The Mandalorian.”
During Grogu’s flashback to the Siege of the Jedi Temple, audiences witness how the Jedi youngling was rescued during Order 66 by Beq, wearing an engraved robe and wielding dual lightsabers. Not only is his character now canon and part of a key event in the franchise’s history, but Best’s appearances also poke fun at the Darth Jar Jar theory by making the actor a Jedi.
Beq and Grogu escape on a ship similar to the one Padmé used, indicating that someone on Naboo is responsible for saving their lives. While Padmé’s involvement in the rescue doesn’t match the timeline, another high-ranking Naboo official who could be responsible is none other than Jar Jar Binks, which would be an incredible gift to Best’s legacy in the franchise.