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The Man Of Steel Theme Music Is Just As Good As John Williams' Classic Score
Officially marking his return with a cameo in the “Black Adam” movie, Henry Cavill will again don the red and blue Superman suit in future DCU projects. Superman’s appearance in the mid-credit scene features the orchestral delight of John Williams’ “Superman” theme, but its use raises the question of why this score was chosen over Hans Zimmer’s “Man of Steel” tune.
Despite the darker atmosphere of Zack Snyder’s more realistic, grittier update of Superman in “Man of Steel,” Zimmer’s theme is inherently uplifting, giving a sense of being new and different while still feeling larger-than-life. The music creates an unbridled sense of discovery that lends itself to Superman’s jaw-dropping first flight scene and is connected to Cavill’s “Man of Steel” journey.
The Superman actor declared that the “Man of Steel” theme is just as good as Williams’ score. Cavill said, “I think Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel score was just as wonderful. I have incredibly powerful feelings about that because I remember watching the trailer, the first teasers come out, and I was sitting there with my friend and we were both so excited about it and the way the score plays.”