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The Key To Understanding Halloween Ends Lies In Its Opening Credits
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Halloween Ends."
What really made "Halloween Ends" something special was its initiative to take the series in a bold new direction rather than another Michael Myers slash and dash. From the moment the opening credits came on screen, it became apparent that David Gordon Green knew what he was doing.
With the glowing soft blue titles, Green invokes the spirit of "Halloween III: Season of the Witch," letting fans know, from the first moments of the film, that this entry into the franchise will be a "Halloween" movie unlike any we'd seen before. Just as “Season of the Witch” was initially derided, it is now regarded as a welcome adopted cousin to the "Halloween" family, which ironically is the same fate that "Halloween Ends" may face.
Deviation from the norm can ruffle people's feathers, especially fans with lofty expectations, but as "Season of the Witch" showed us, sometimes that's the best way to shake things up. "Halloween Ends" was a bold swing, and while Michael may have reached his untimely demise, the life of the movie that ended his reign has only just begun.