The Jaws Movies, Ranked From Masterpiece To Garbage Fire
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1. Jaws
It's well documented that "Jaws" nearly ended Steven Spielberg's career when the film's physically arduous Martha's Vineyard shoot fell behind. Fortunately, the storms passed, and the director, with key assists from editor Verna Fields and composer John Williams, managed to craft the platonic ideal of 1970s motion picture entertainment.
2. Jaws 2
While this film could have really benefited from Spielberg, it ended up okay. It's the last act of "Jaws 2," with its score from John Williams, that makes it gripping enough to justify a watch.
3. Jaws 3-D
“Jaws 3-D” was originally supposed to be a full-blown parody called “Jaws 3, People 0,” which would have likely been far better than the unintentionally hilarious film we got. Visually hideous both in 3-D and 2-D, the film is left out of the bottom spot due to over-the-top shark hunter Philip FitzRoyce.
4. Jaws: The Revenge
"Jaws: The Revenge" looked like it might be an above-average film due to the involvement of director Joseph Sargent, a proficient Hollywood workman known for classics like "White Lightning." Unfortunately, he chose to helm a deathly serious film about a shark bent on revenge against the Brody family … somehow.