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The Janitor Signaled The Beginning Of The End For Scrubs' Series Run
The long-running medical comedy “Scrubs” introduced viewers to many memorable characters, but none pushed the boundaries of realism like the mysterious and outrageous unnamed Janitor. The character acted as a kind of antagonist for Zach Braff’s JD and would deliver whatever strange joke the show needed, keeping the series from being a relatively grounded comedy.
The Janitor, played by Neil Flynn, was an enigma, and his identity was one of the show’s greatest mysteries. Revealing his name would have a significant meaning, as creator Bill Lawrence explained, “It means the show’s over. It’s a huge hint. If his name is actually uttered on television, it means that it’s the last episode of the show.”
The Janitor’s identity was eventually revealed to be Glenn Matthews at the end of Season 8; however, this was not the last episode of the series, as “Scrubs” was rebooted for a ninth season. The Janitor didn’t join the new season’s primarily new cast, and the series was quickly canceled after being poorly received.