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The Idea For Coherence Ironically Came From A Craving For 'Simplicity'
In the 2013 indie sci fi psychological thriller "Coherence," a dinner party finds themselves interacting with different versions of themselves from alternate realities. According to its director James Ward Byrkit, who made the movie for just $50,000, the idea for "Coherence" was born from a desire to scale back and work within a simpler movie framework.
Byrkit and co-writer Alex Manugian, who plays Amir in "Coherence," didn't even have a script for the film, just an outline of plot points and character arcs with diagrams charting the different versions of each party guest. These were handed off to the actors, who then used them to improvise their own naturalistic dialogue.
In a 2014, Byrkit explained the genesis of "Coherence," saying: "[Alex Manugian and I] were standing in my living room with no money and thinking, 'How do we make a movie that's about something besides the obvious relationship troubles that a million indie movies do?'" That question led to the cosmic fracture idea, which thankfully led to the creation of "Coherence."