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The Flash Movie Feels Too Small For Its Source Material
Nearly a decade after the movie’s announcement and many problems, DC has finally released a trailer for the long-awaited “The Flash,” complete with comic book vibes and Michael Keaton’s return to the Batman role. While this trailer looks like a good Batman and Flash movie, it feels small compared to the comic’s multiverse-shaking, monumental story.
The trailer shows the Flash traveling to the past and altering the timeline, thus creating a future where there are no metahumans, Zod’s on a rampage, and each character is different than they were before. The movie borrows heavily from the game-changing comic mini-series, “Flashpoint,” which led to The New 52 reboot of the DC Universe and radically changed every character.
“Flashpoint” drew from virtually every DC title, helping the event paint an expansive picture that genuinely felt important and apocalyptic. Like “Captain America: Civil War,” “The Flash” as a crossover spectacle could feel shallow compared to the source material. This story has been adapted before, but so far only the animated “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox” movie does the story justice.