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The Fight Sequences In Primal Season 2 'Almost Broke The Studio'
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Primal" Season 2.
Season 1 of Creator Genndy Tartakovsky’s animated series "Primal" concluded with Spear and Fang encountering a new character that could change the entire dynamic of the series. Season 2 is set to be deadlier than ever with the battles taking things to a new level — so much so, that according to Tartakovsky, they almost "broke the studio."
While the duo track down the enslaved homo sapien, Mira, their pursuit takes them to the sea. One struggle the studio faced early in the season was the storm and shark animation, with Tartakovsky saying, “Each one is difficult on its own in animation, but when you throw all these things together it becomes complex to pull off.”
The creator added, “There are a number of episodes where there are eight to 10-minute fight sequences, and each one of those almost broke the studio. I never would've attempted this in the old days.” Knowing that they're pushing the limits of what the studio is capable of should only get fans more excited to see the further adventures of Spear and Fang now airing on Adult Swim and HBO Max.