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The Fictional Sitcom In Hulu's Reboot Recycled The Set From A Real Hit Sitcom
Thanks to a recent interview, we learned that a major part of the fictional sitcom from the new Hulu Original show "Reboot" was actually repurposed from a real-life sitcom. In fact, it was a hit show that a current cast member had previously appeared on.
"Reboot" star Krista Marie Yu revealed that the living room set for the show within a show called "Step Right Up" is the same one from "Last Man Standing," the sitcom starring Tim Allen. Before landing the role of Hulu executive Elaine Kim, Yu played foreign exchange student Jen on the popular series about a conservative father navigating his life with his wife and three daughters.
Yu shared that the stairs, atrium, front door, and more are exactly as they were when she interacted with them previously. The walls even featured reminders of the past on their backsides as "Mike Baxter's office" and AD Sean T. Lafferty's name adorned the area unseen by the live studio audience. New episodes of "Reboot" premiere on Hulu every Tuesday through October 25, 2022.