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The Few Harrison Ford Films Harrison Feels Are Underrated
While Harrison Ford is fondly remembered for his roles like Han Solo and Indiana Jones, the actor shared he “likes to change genres” for each of the films he takes on. Some of the different genres might not have been overly successful for him and, in some cases, were even critical failures, but there are still a few films that Ford’s fond of, despite not being well-received by audiences.
Ford shared he was “proud of” the 2013 Jackie Robinson biopic, “42,” despite the film being more remembered for his co-star Chadwick Boseman’s performance than his supporting role. The actor also described his part as Soviet Submarine Captain Alexei Vostrikov in the genuine flop, “K-19: The Widowmaker,” as one of his prouder moments on screen.
Although Indiana Jones has a special place in Ford’s heart, the actor admitted his favorite role is Allie Fox from “The Mosquito Coast,” explaining that he enjoyed the chance to play someone “completely f***ing nuts.” The film failed to impress critically and commercially, prompting Ford to respond: “I have never seen a serious film treated so badly by the critics. And I think they’re wrong.”