LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 09: Anya Taylor-Joy attends the UK premiere of "The Menu" at BFI Southbank on November 09, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)
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The Ending Of The Menu Even Surprised Anya Taylor-Joy
Director Mark Mylod's "The Menu,”
is shaping up to be a twisted dish people can't wait to devour, and is already being labeled as “delightfully wicked” within the festival circuit. The uncertainty of where the story will go is a sentiment that Anya Taylor-Joy shared while making the film.
In an interview with Total Film, Taylor-Joy notes how having preconceived notions about storytelling massively threw her off while shooting the film's ending: "Because we're consuming so much, we tend to have an idea of how a story's going to go, or how it's going to culminate. With ‘The Menu,’ I genuinely did not expect the final scene."
If "The Menu" truly throws people for a loop as much as Taylor-Joy appears to imply, then it's safe to assume crowds will be in for a great time at the movies come November 18. Who doesn't want to see bad things happen to rich idiots, after all?