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The Dark Comedy That Inspired
The Russo Brothers' Arrested Development Run
“Arrested Development,” a mockumentary sitcom, was known for its brand of dark and absurdist humor. Former showrunners Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that one of their biggest inspirations was the Belgian film “Man Bites Dog,” a crime mockumentary in which a film crew follows a serial killer and ends up becoming accomplices to murders.
Joe says that he and his brother wanted to take a more "guerilla" approach to filming “Arrested Development.” Not only did they love the chaotic, "Verite" realism of "Man Bites Dog," but they could also "use [the film' as inspiration to make a show at a cheaper budget," since typical sitcoms are rather expensive to film.
Anthony credits the mockumentary style as one of the reasons for "Arrested Development’s" success during its five-season run. He explained, "I think part of the reason why it works so well is because the show is completely absurdist, but to apply a very grounded Verite realism, documentary realism, to it felt pretty weird."