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The Crown Returns to the Netflix Top 10 Following Queen Elizabeth's Death
Following Queen Elizabeth II's death, viewership for Netflix's hit prestige drama "The Crown" has skyrocketed, catapulting the show into the streaming service's weekly Top 10 list. Season 1 of the royal family-focused series is topping the global chart in 26 countries, with 17.57 million hours viewed for the week of September 5-11.
"The Crown" is one of Netflix's best-written shows and enjoyed success throughout its run, and the drama focuses on the early years of the late queen's 7-decade reign. Viewers likely want to learn about or relive the ups and downs of the royal family since Elizabeth II took the throne — and various royal scandals and controversies were not ignored.
Series creator Peter Morgan recently called "The Crown" a "love letter" to Queen Elizabeth, but the series dramatizes and criticizes many aspects of the English monarchy. The queen herself had a mixed opinion of the show; a source close to her once said, "there were some depictions of events that she found too heavily dramatized."
The queen also disliked "The Crown's" depiction of her husband, Prince Phillip, as an uncaring father to their son, Prince (now King) Charles. Obviously, shows like "The Crown" shouldn't be taken as fact, but the series still presents ideas about the monarchy — its pomp, pageantry, and power— that are worth pondering in the wake of the queen's passing.