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The Crow Reboot is Officially
in Post-Production, May Actually Happen
This Time
Get your eyeliner out and throw on your favorite Cure album, because it's looking like the seemingly cursed remake of "The Crow" is actually going to be released. That's because Deadline reports that a new financier, Ashland Hill Media Finance, has boarded the project to help assist with post-production on the Rupert Sanders-directed film.
Bill Skarsgård will portray Eric Draven, the angsty rock star that comes back from the dead to avenge the brutal murder of his fiancée. Singer Tahlilah Barnett, known by the stage name FKA twigs, will portray said fiancée, although it is unclear whether she will be named Shelly like her comic and film counterparts; other additions to the cast are as yet unknown.
The director of the original "The Crow," Alex Proyas, has made an effort to destroy the projects that have been offered since "The Crow" star Brandon Lee was killed when a prop gun fired a faulty dummy round. We do, however, hope that Sanders' remake will honor Lee's legacy and untimely passing.