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The Crash Controversy Explained
Based on the book of the same name, David Cronenberg’s “Crash” has always been divisive by film critics and fans alike. In the film, James Ballard and his wife Catherine have an open marriage that is further pushed to its limits after a serious car accident, when the two discover a shared car-crash fetish.
Despite the highly sexual content, "Crash" is anything but titillating. Cronenberg's clinical direction, the actors' deliberately flat performances, and the cool darkness of Peter Suschitzky's cinematography all make for a chilling and strangely dispassionate viewing experience.
The film features a particularly controversial sex scene that one critic called "orthopedic fetishism," and a group of 11 people with disabilities screened "Crash" to give their thoughts. Cronenberg stated that although "they did not generally enjoy the film, they concluded that its depiction of disabled people as being able to be both sexually attractive and active [was] generally a positive thing."
David Cronenberg's "Crash" is like nothing you've ever seen before, bringing controvery due to its depictions of explicit sexual acts prompted by violence. Its release and controversial reception raise deeper questions about censorship, like whether or not consenting adults have the right to consume highly explicit content — even if it is outside the boundaries of traditional sexuality.