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The Controversial Australian Horror Movie That Was Almost Lost Forever
Taking viewers into the downhill spiral of John Grant (Gary Bond) in the Outback, “Wake in Fright” is a terrifying film, even if it’s not a horror film in the traditional sense. The Australian film gives us a disturbing look inside the primal nature of the human mind - and everything it’s capable of.
The movie is notorious for its deeply upsetting and gory kangaroo hunt scene. Although director Ted Kotcheff brought professional hunters on board, the scene still disturbed viewers, enough for some to walk out during the movie’s Cannes screening.
Despite the movie’s undeniable impact on the Australian New Wave, it became a lost masterpiece due to the standard practice of destroying Australian movie prints after their release. Thanks to editor Anthony Buckley’s efforts, it was finally restored after three decades.
Today, “Wake in Fright” continues to exist as an unforgettable and rattling psychological thriller for movie lovers all around the world. But be cautioned: it is not an easy watch to stomach!