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The Complete Timeline Of Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, And El Camino
1970s - 2001
The “Better Call Saul” flashbacks are the earliest timeline entries, beginning in 1973 when a young Jimmy McGill sees his dad getting conned, followed by Kim’s two memories of her mother from the ‘80s. Brief glimpses from 1992 explore Jimmy’s days as “Slippin' Jimmy” before the 2001 flashback reveals he passed the bar exam.
1980 - 1990s
“Breaking Bad” shows calmer moments in Walter White’s life in the ‘80s and the founding of Gray Matter Technologies with his fellow graduate students. A 1989 memory sees Gustavo Fring watching Hector Salamanca kill his partner, while a 1993 flashback finds Walter and a pregnant Skylar house-shopping before the events of the series begin.
2002 - 2003
While “Better Call Saul” is both a prequel and sequel, most events occur during the six-year gap before Saul Goodman’s appearance in “Breaking Bad.” 2002 follows Jimmy getting mixed up in the criminal underworld while trying to get his law practice going, and 2003 sees his rivalry with Chuck come to a head, ending in his brother’s suicide.
2004 - 2005
Jimmy started practicing law under the name of Saul Goodman in 2004, while the construction of Gus Fring’s underground superlab began. This year sees the deaths of Nacho, Lalo, and Howard. After covering up Howard’s death, Kim leaves Jimmy, and the viewers see him fully embrace the Saul Goodman persona in 2005.
2008 - 2010
The events of “Breaking Bad” begin in 2008 when Walter White gets diagnosed with cancer and starts selling drugs with Jesse Pinkman. As the duo expanded their operation in 2009, they recruited Saul Goodman and began working with Gus before eventually killing him. Walter dies in 2010 while saving Jesse from Jack and his neo-Nazi gang.