The Clever Rule At The Core Of Bob's Burgers' Comedy
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By now "Bob's Burgers" has fostered enough laughs across its 12 seasons to become one of the more beloved animated sitcoms. Like "The Simpsons" or "King of the Hill," the show centers around the lives and hijinks of the quintessentially American family, the Belchers. But "Bob's Burgers" takes particular relish (condiment pun very much intended) in the family's discord.
The Belcher family members are underdogs who stay afloat with an abundance of optimism. Speaking about their 200th episode milestone, creator Loren Bouchard said it was important to "present their optimism as a choice that's hard-fought, and well-earned." and Bob and Linda's gallows humor definitely gets them through the day with their wild children.
On the surface, they might appear dysfunctional, but their annoyances with one another are never outbursts of deeper rifts and they always end up rallying around one another, revealing themselves to be a surprisingly functional family. This rule is what makes the show so positive and keeps audiences tuning in every week to see what obstacles the Belcher family will overcome.