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The Child Clicker's Audition Tape For The Last Of Us Was Pure Nightmare Fuel
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for Episode 5 of "The Last of Us."
The monstrous MVP in Episode 5 of "The Last of Us" is a child clicker, who crawls through a window, scares the hell out of Ellie, and later, saves her life by mauling a woman to death. In the official companion podcast for the show, series co-creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann admitted that this was entirely by design.
Plenty of audition tapes were received, but nine-year-old gymnast, Skye Cowton, stood out. Mazin said: "It's so creepy how she can move her body like that. And so, it was a combination of her performance, and then Wētā kind of creating, taking, drafting off of what Barrie Gower had created with prosthetics, and then making this little girl."
Mazin, continued, "And I insisted that our child clicker wear a 'Blue's Clues' shirt because I’m really sick, and I just loved the contrast of innocence and horror." Between Cowton’s gymnast dexterity and her ability to move like a spider as she pursues Ellie, the rest of the infected have been put to shame.