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The Canceled Halloween 8 Had A Twist Where Laurie Became Michael Myers
"Halloween: Resurrection," was originally pitched as a very different film and if it had been developed the eighth installment in the franchise would have been made called "Halloween 8: Lord of the Dead." All but one of the "Halloween" movies feature Michael Myers and several of them feature the original series heroine, Laurie Strode, but what if those two characters became one and the same?
That was the idea behind the potential twist ending for "Lord of the Dead," which screenwriter Daniel Farrands discussed in a recent interview."The twist of my pitch was that [...] the big finale when they're going to finally unmask Michael Myers reveals that the killer is actually Laurie Strode."
Farrands continued, "[Laurie's] gone completely bats**t crazy and came back to relive the murders that she barely survived, and she's become like The Shape. It kind of made sense to me, because at the end of 'Halloween: H20,' what you hear, after she chops his head off with an ax, is that she's breathing heavily like Michael at the end of the original movie."