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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine And New Girl Crossover Episodes Created Some Problems
When the sitcoms "New Girl" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" had their crossover episodes, where the residents of apartment 4D visited New York and interacted with members of the 99th Precinct, it established that the two worlds existed in the same universe. This created some plotholes, as Damon Wayans Jr. and Nasim Pedrad appeared on both shows as different characters.
Wayans’ Coach was a major character on “New Girl,” but he also played dirty cop Stevie Schillens on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” At the time of the crossover episodes, Coach had moved from LA to NYC to be with his girlfriend, and his “New Girl” friends do bump into him on the crossover episode – which means that Coach and Schillens lived in the same city.
On “New Girl,” Pedrad played Aly, Winston’s partner on the police force and later his wife, but on the actual police show, she played Jake Peralta’s younger sister Kate, whom he first met when she was in handcuffs. Since she only appeared on one “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” episode, it could be argued that she changed her identity for “New Girl,” but Aly’s no-nonsense personality is too different from Kate’s.