The Boys' Infamous Termite Sex Scene Was Inspired By
A Certain
Ant-Man &
Thanos Meme
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Spoiler Warning!
This story contains some truly disturbing spoilers for "The Boys" Season 3.
“The Boys” can be a lot, especially for the faint of heart, as the showrunners continually like to dive deep into anatomy. During the premiere of the "The Boys" season 3, some fans learned this lesson the hard way, thanks to a super named “Termite” and his NSFW sex scene.
Believe it or not, the scene was actually inspired by Marvel — particularly a fan theory and meme about how the Avengers would defeat Thanos. Before the release of “Infinity War,” many fans liked the idea of shrinking Ant-Man, sending him into Thanos’ butt, and having him expand.
Of course, Marvel never went there, but “The Boys” put their own spin on the scene, which had to be different, seeing as how they had already exploded a butt in Season 1. The premiere of Season 3 saw Termite shrinking down and crawling inside his boyfriend’s urethra, only to accidentally sneeze and pop back to normal size — ripping his partner apart.
While plenty of CGI was used to show Termite shrunken down, the inside of the urethra was all too real. The 11-foot-penis was actually the final project of late set designer Arv Greywal, who received a tribute at the end of the episode.