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The Biggest Problem With The Daniel Craig James Bond Era
Before the Daniel Craig James Bond era, the 007 outings were standalone movies, but the Craig era had each film be a continuation from the previous one. This ended up hurting the franchise, as weak points would be drawn out into the next movie, instead of starting fresh with something better.
One weak point was the relationship between Craig’s Bond and Léa Seydoux's Madeleine Swann that continued from the disappointing “Spectre” into “No Time To Die.” While the actors are both attractive people, their 17-year age difference was a factor in their lack of chemistry, despite the franchise’s insistence that they were soulmates.
Another weak point that kept getting drawn out in the Craig movies was the notion that Bond was old and washed-up, which started as early as his third film. The audience had just gotten to know Craig’s 007 by "Skyfall," but his age had to constantly be acknowledged from movie to movie, as he would often get tired and quit MI6.