The Big Difference Between Hughie's Powers In The Boys Show And Comic Explained
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Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers through episode 4 of "The Boys" Season 3.
Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) never wanted to be part of a superhero-killing crusade, but sometimes life just happens and while he tried to move on to a suit and tie job, he is dragged back into the fray by the fourth episode of Season 3. Butcher's reckless crusade to take out supes by any means necessary has altered Hugie’s trajectory.
While the team has now acquired Compound V-24 (aka Temp V) to level the playing field, in the comics Hugie gained powers much differently. In the comics, Butcher thrust a needle with Compound V into Hughie’s neck without his consent, and the powers were permanent.
This betrayal and subsequent resentment drove a wedge between the two in the comics. This is a major deviation, as comic Hugie hates what he’s become and is traumatized by his first kill — in the show Hugie takes the drug willingly, seems excited by his new powers, and unfazed after punching a hole through a person. What this will mean for his future has yet to be seen, but it probably isn’t good.