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The Best One-Off Characters In Star Trek: Voyager
Telek R'Mor
Voyager often turned to help from unlikely sources, including in the Season 1 episode, "Eye of the Needle,” when the crew makes contact with Romulan Captain Telek R'Mor (Vaughn Armstrong). At this point, the Romulans weren't allies of the Federation like the Klingons, and Telek brings a heightened level of tension to the proceedings.
In the Season 2 episode, "Death Wish," the Voyager is visited by Quinn (Gerrit Graham), one of the omnipotent Q Continuum, who pleads for the right to end his life after his long cosmic existence. Quinn's argument to be allowed to die — a moral question with no easy answer — before an impromptu trial is a standout scene.
Henry Starling
In the two-part Season 3 episode, "Future's End," the Voyager is transported to Earth in 1996 to stop unscrupulous businessman Henry Starling (Ed Begley, Jr.). Begley, Jr. is a beloved character actor who played against type of kindly, paternal figures to portray one of the most conniving and manipulative antagonists in the series’ history.
Rain Robinson
“Future's End" also features Rain Robinson (Sarah Silverman), an astronomer hired by Starling to keep an eye out for any additional starships passing near Earth, who is later targeted by an assassin hired by Starling. What makes Silverman's performance so enjoyable is her character's on-screen chemistry with Tom Paris and Tuvok.
In "Real Life," the Doctor creates a holodeck program that gives him a suburban family to come home to, but his programmed daughter Belle (Lindsey Haun) has an accident that leaves the Doctor to discover the pain of death. "Real Life" could've been a melodramatic episode were it not for the firm emotional foundation between Belle and the Doctor.