NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 21: Jason Bateman and Laura Linney attend the Netflix's "Ozark" Season 4 Premiere on April 21, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)
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The Best Movies Starring The Ozark Cast You Need To See
The Gift
"Ozark" wasn't the first time Jason Bateman took on a villainous role; he portrays a somewhat similar character as Marty in "The Gift." Bateman sheds his comedic persona to play an unlikeable character — Simon — who isn't physically threatening but leverages his power and status to impose upon people close to him.
You Can Count on Me
In "You Can Count on Me," Laura Linney plays Sammy, a single mother whose life is upended when her younger brother Terry returns to her life. Linney's character in the film is pretty much the polar opposite of her role as Wendy in "Ozark," and she makes Sammy's exasperation and loneliness heartbreaking.
The Assistant
Julia Garner's foul-mouthed performance as Ruth Langmore is one of the standout performances in "Ozark," but her character Jane in "The Assistant" couldn't be more different. Garner stays quiet for most of the film and does a great job of expressing Jane's emotional state without dialogue.
Much like Wyatt in "Ozark," Charles Tahan's Victor in Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie" is an awkward, isolated young man who is viewed as an outsider. In this inventive and heartwarming reinterpretation of the "Frankenstein" story, Victor tries to revitalize his dead dog Sparky without causing any issues.
Ben's mental health issues and charming personality turned "Ozark" into a heartbreaking story of siblings forced to look after each other. Tom Pelphrey also gives a moving performance as Joseph — brother of Herman Mankiewicz, the screenwriter of "Citizen Kane" — in David Fincher's 2020 historical drama "Mank."