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The Best Mal Reynolds Moments In Firefly And Serenity, Ranked
13. Kicking Crow
After Mal sees who they robbed and tries to return the money during “The Train Job,” Crow, a sadistic mobster, refuses to allow it. Mal abruptly kicks Crow into one of Serenity’s turbine engines in a short scene that highlights the show’s strength: witty exchanges, abrupt reversals in fortune, and a casual disregard for violence.
12. Naked
Against his better judgment, Mal teams up with Saffron (Christina Hendricks) for a heist that ends with the protagonist left stranded naked on a desert planet. While it seems a disastrous turn, Inara beats Saffron to the treasure and returns to collect Mal, who thinks nothing of his nakedness and flaunts it during the memorable scene.
11. Getting married
Mal’s first encounter with Saffron sees the Serenity’s captain accidentally stumble into a marriage with her, and soon the crew begins to hilariously chime in on the ordeal. Seeing a flustered and confused Mal left squirming is a rare delight, and although Saffron’s personality is a clever ruse, it doesn’t diminish this comical situation.
10. Locking Jayne out
Although they managed to escape the Alliance, Mal knows that Jayne is to blame for endangering the crew by alerting the authorities of the Tams. Mal may not have killed Jayne, but locking him in an outer airlock and cracking the door while the ship is in flight show how far the captain will go to protect those under his care.
9. Little bonnet
After Jayne and Mal — disguised as a woman — are stopped by a group of bandits, the two banter before drawing their guns on the robbers, leading to Mal saying, “if your hand touches metal, I swear, by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.” While this scene doesn’t do much for the story or characters, it’s still a fun and memorable moment.