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The Best Horror Movie Villains Of 2022, Ranked
14. Occulonimbus
In “Nope,” Jordan Peele borrows elements of underwater life to give audiences a spectacular creature — the Occulonimbus edoequus — that feels familiar and otherworldly simultaneously. However, outside of the alien's unique physique and ravenous hunger, there isn't much else to scare the viewers, which earns him last place on this list.
13. Pinhead
Unlike Doug Bradley's stark and militant demeanor, Jamie Clayton's exquisite Pinhead from 2022's "Hellraiser" depicts a calculating and restrained villain. However, there's a reason she ranks low on this list: Unlike previous iterations of Pinhead, one could bargain with this Priest and survive, which limits her terror.
12. Chrissy
Chrissy from "Deadstream" is the paranormal embodiment of a cat playing with its dead food, and there's no way to outwit her on her terrain — as Shawn, the YouTuber who comes to spend the night in Death Manor, painfully learns. Melanie Stone is fantastic in this insidious role and nails the script's sharp and comedic turns.
11. Sully
In "Bones and All," Sully (Mark Rylance) hunts for what he wants — Maren — and never shows remorse or shame at going to such extreme lengths to find her, like killing her boyfriend's sister Kayla to gain her attention. He's a predator who delusionally believes he's the prey, making his disconnect from reality all the scarier.
10. Bruce
In "A Wounded Fawn," Bruce (Josh Ruben) is a serial killer who entraps art curator Meredith under the guise of a romantic weekend at a cabin in the woods, then kills her and blames another entity for his crimes. Bruce ranks higher than Sully due to his self-awareness, which only disperses when he's caught concealing his murderous intent.