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The Best Evil Dead Franchise Characters, Ranked
12. Ted Raimi
Aside from the 2013 remake, Ted Raimi, director Sam Raimi's little brother, has appeared in all of the "Evil Dead" films. Ted Raimi gives his all to his "Evil Dead" roles, whether playing a deranged ghoul, a disgruntled grocer, or even a douchey Boomer trying to relive his glory days.
11. Brandy Barr
One of the series' most relatable characters is Brandy Barr, who was revealed to be Ash's long-lost daughter in Season 3 of "Ash vs. Evil Dead." By giving Ash someone else to care about other than himself, she humanizes him in a way that Pablo and Kelly cannot, making her one of the franchise's best characters.
10. Baal
While Baal is one of the Big Bads in the Bible, he has to settle for supporting antagonist status in Season 2 of "Ash vs. Evil Dead." With his cunning and guile, Baal presented Ash and the crew with a new type of threat, surprising viewers used to more mindless horror villains.
9. Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams has the ignominious honor of being both Ash's little sister and the first Deadite in the series. She stands out as the series' most tragic figure: a shy, innocent teen who joined her sibling on a trip to the woods, and in one of the most controversial deaths in the series, was turned into an evil zombie for her trouble.
8. Bad Ash
Bad Ash appears as a hallucination in "Evil Dead 2" and takes a physical form in "Army of Darkness." The latter version of the character begins life as a fun-size version of Ash, but eventually becomes a fully-grown doppelganger. Watching Bruce Campbell ham it up and turn his performance up to 11 as Bad Ash is quite the treat.